Clubs & Organizations

Alternative Fiction

Alt-Fi is a club for all students interested in science fiction, fantasy, anime, and other alternative genres. See schedule of time and location in the daily announcements and school calendar.


Concert Band

The Concert Band is open to any high school student who has experience playing an instrument. We meet during the school day, and through participation in concert band students have extra opportunities to audition for an participate in: District II Music Festival, All-State Music Festival, and the Vermont Youth Orchestra.

Environmental Club

Students work to develop efficient recycling at our school, to get others involved in the effort to help our planet, to help in the preservation of the earth and to expand environmental awareness of the student body and faculty.

Homework Club

Meets every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. See school calendar for the location.

International Club

The International Club is going to Greece during February vacation in 2019!  Please check out the itinerary and contact Chrsitine Cooney at 851-1203 or if you are intertested. Link to the trip online:

*The International Club’s main purpose is the education of students through the experiences of traveling to foreign nations (we do travel within the US on occasion!) and cultures. Self-reliance, responsibility, people skills, cultural customs, etiquette and respect are some of the lessons that the students learn on each adventure. Whether it is maneuvering through the timetables and security of airports or mustering courage to try escargot, all aspects and every moment of an International Club’s trips are ingredients in this mobile classroom. It is these lessons that are absorbed and evolve our club members from one dimensional students into multi-dimensional citizens of the Earth.

Jazz Band

The Jazz Band is open to any middle or high school student who has experience playing a band instrument or rhythm secion instrument. We meet after school one day a week, and showcase our talents at band concerts and the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival.

LUHS Mentors

The opportunity to mentor a younger student is available to interested high school students. You do not have to be perfect to be a mentor; by being yourself you can help a younger student. Contact Pat Hallquist (888-6877) if you are interested in mentoring.

Marching Band

The Lamoille Marching Band is made up of all students in the middle and high school bands, plus members of the Lamoille Colorguard. We march in multiple parades each year, including two in September and three in May. We practice during regular band time, and occasionally after school in the spring.

Men's Choir

Men's choir is open to all committed high school boys who like to sing regardless of musical experience. This choir usually performs a cappella (without instrumental accompaniment) and performs regularly during chorus concerts.

National Honor Society

Eligibility for the Lamoille Chapter of the National Honor Society eligibility for membership is based on scholarship, service, leadership and character, and is open by faculty election to juniors and seniors. Members must maintain a minimum of these qualities and an 85 GPA. Members who resign or are dismissed are never again eligible for membership or its benefits.

Peer Support Team

The Peer Support Team is a group of students who volunteer their time to help fellow students during difficult times and are available during the school day at times approved by advisors.

Scholars' Bowl

"Scholars' Bowl is a no-holds-barred battle of the brains. Do you know things? Would you like to to know MORE things?! Then Scholars' Bowl is for you! If you can't get enough of math, science, history, literature, music, art, langauge or any other subject, then join Scholars' Bowl! Lamoille Scholars' Bowl: Nerdy and proud since 1967."

Select Choir

For the serious singer who is committed to stay after school once a week to learn the district/state festival audition piece as well as other songs to perform at concerts.

Ski and Ride Club

The purpose of the club is to introduce students to a variety of outdoor activities in Lamoille County and around Vermont. Bike rides, hikes, skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing and kayaking are
just a few examples of what the club could offer.

Student Council

The Student Council’s principle purposes are as follows: to serve as a liaison between students and the administration; to enhance school spirit; to promote school activities such as homecoming and dances; to promote community service activities. Each class elects representatives to the council; the council elects Treasurer and Secretary. The student body elects President and VP. All voting members must be in good standing with the administration.


An international Program dedicated to the recognition of exceptional music students in grades 10-
12. Members are carefully selected according to musicianship, academic achievement, community service, leadership and character.

Varsity Club

The Lamoille Varsity Club is organized to promote the athletic programs of Lamoille Union High School. It concerns itself with raising and spending money for the improvement of athletics.
Membership is open to students who have participated in a sport at the varsity or junior varsity level.

Yearbook Club

Yearbook club members publish the annual yearbook for the entire school.  Membership is open to all high school students. Yearbook orders may be submitted at the office or online through our web page Click here to contact the Yearbook Advisor.


Important Dates to Remember

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